Cameras classified by brand

Fornidar Nagel Fornidar Nagel 10 Nagel Nagel 10 Nagel 14 Nagel Nagel 14 Nagel 18 Nagel Nagel 18
Nagel 25 Nagel Nagel 25 Nagel 28 Nagel Nagel 28 Nagel 33 Nagel Nagel 33
Pupille Nagel Pupille Ranca Nagel Ranca Ranca Nagel Ranca
Librette 74 Nagel Librette 74 Librette 75 Nagel Librette 75 Nagel 65 Nagel Nagel 65 Vollenda 48/0 Nagel Vollenda
Vollenda 68/0 Nagel Vollenda Vollenda 70/0 Nagel Vollenda Vollenda 70/1 Nagel Vollenda Vollenda 48 Nagel Vollenda 48
Vollenda 70/C Nagel Vollenda 70/C
- nanars - 35 MM nanars 35 MM 35 mm Focus Free nanars 35 mm Focus Free Addex MP 58 France Football nanars Addex MP 58 France Football
All Weather 35 nanars All Weather 35 Altic nanars Altic Arnican nanars Arnican Astrapi nanars Astrapi
Australian nanars Australian Auto-Magic nanars Auto-Magic Carla s'en mêle nanars Carla s'en mêle Cedric nanars Cedric
Clik-O Mat Instant Load modell 100 nanars Clik-O Mat Coca-Cola nanars Coca-Cola Derlai Nestle nanars Derlai Nestle Exacta nanars Exacta
Express nanars Express Fiat Doblo nanars Fiat Doblo First 35 mm nanars First 35 mm Focalux nanars Focalux
Focus Free nanars Focus Free Fun Banana nanars Fun Banana Galaxy SP-202 nanars Galaxy SP-202 GMTEX GT-304 nanars GMTEX GT-304
Gorthex Vision 77 nanars Gorthex Vision 77 Graflex Image III nanars Graflex Image III Happy Smile nanars Happy Smile Ice Tea nanars Ice Tea
J & B nanars J & B KH30 nanars KH30 Kinder X-1000 nanars Kinder X-1000 Lilo et Stitch (Disney Store) nanars Lilo et Stitch (Disney Store)
Magic Shot nanars Magic Shot Malabar nanars Malabar McDonald's La Pure Collection nanars McDonald's La Pure Collection McDonald's La Pure Collection nanars McDonald's La Pure Collection
Mini Style nanars Mini Style MX 35 mm nanars MX 35 mm Nintendo 64 nanars Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 nanars Nintendo 64
NZ 203 F nanars NZ 203 F Panorama nanars Panorama Paris-Match Panorama nanars Paris-Match Panorama Pepito nanars Pepito
Pix Panorama nanars Pix Panorama Reader's Digest nanars Reader's Digest Renault nanars Renault Saint-Ives nanars Saint-Ives
Satelit SP500 nanars Satelit SP500 SNCF Direction d Amiens nanars SNCF Direction d Amiens Spiderman nanars Spiderman Surpass nanars Surpass
Tammy nanars Tammy Tele 7 Jours nanars Tele 7 Jours Time FC-100 nanars Time FC-100 Toma M-616 nanars Toma M-616
Tweety Nanars Tweety Yatachi nanars Yatachi Yoplait nanars Yoplait Zomig nanars Zomig
Zoo de Mulhouse nanars Zoo de Mulhouse Zoom 2001 nanars Zoom 2001
4 Lens Camera nanars 4 Lens Camera 4 Lens Camera Winston nanars 4 Lens Camera Winston Abeille nanars Abeille Barbie nanars Barbie
Barbie for girls nanars Barbie for girls Bontempi nanars Bontempi British Airways nanars British Airways Charlie Tuna nanars Charlie Tuna
Chat nanars Chat Chien nanars Chien Chiquita nanars Chiquita Dragon nanars Dragon
M and M's nanars M and M's Nestle Voiture de Donald nanars Nestle Voiture de Donald Panda nanars Panda Smile, It's a real camera nanars Smile, It's a real camera
Barbie nanars Barbie Bloomingdale's Small Wonder nanars Bloomingdale's Small Wonder Camera Plus nanars Camera Plus Chat nanars Chat
Daxa Marina Nanars Daxa Marina Fica 110 Auto-Flip nanars Fica 110 Auto-Flip Finecoeur nanars Finecoeur Giorgio nanars Giorgio
Grands Reportages nanars Grands Reportages Gx Cedex nanars Gx Cedex Hamburger nanars Hamburger Hamburger nanars Hamburger
Herta nanars Herta Jacques Bogart nanars Jacques Bogart K110 ET nanars K110 ET Kyron nanars Kyron
La Poste nanars La Poste Litematic 303 nanars Litematic 303 Marlboro nanars Marlboro Meubles Vivre nanars Meubles Vivre
Micro 110 nanars Micro 110 Micro 110 nanars Micro 110 Micro 110 Cop nanars Micro 110 Cop Mild Seven nanars Mild Seven
Mini 110 nanars Mini 110 Mini 110 nanars Mini 110 Mini-Camera 3S Nanars Mini-Camera 3S Mini-Shot nanars Mini-Shot
Nutron QT 110 nanars Nutron QT 110 Panzani nanars Panzani PCMC 110 - Micro 3S nanars PCMC 110 - Micro 3S Petra Rx 110 nanars Petra Rx 110
Pierre Cardin nanars Pierre Cardin Quelle nanars Quelle Reckitt nanars Reckitt Sans nom nanars Sans nom
Sunpet nanars Sunpet Super 110 nanars Super 110 Vichy nanars Vichy VPC Promotion nanars VPC Promotion
Wairiki nanars Wairiki
Etanche Bosch nanars Etanche Bosch
Galaxy Nasco Galaxy
Natali, Collo et cie
Natali, Collo et cie
CR3 National CR3
National Instruments Corp
Camflex National Instruments Corp Camflex
National Photocolor Corp.
Lerochrome One-Shot Color National Photocolor Corp. Lerochrome One-Shot Color
National Silver
National Miniature National Silver National Miniature
Brillant 126 SF Neckermann Brillant 126 SF Brillant 303X Neckermann Brillant 303X Brillant 35 Neckermann Brillant 35 Brillant 400 Neckermann Brillant 400
Brillant 400X Neckermann Brillant 400X Brillant 500 Neckermann Brillant 500 Brillant 600 Neckermann Brillant 600 Brillant 600X Neckermann Brillant 600X
Presenta 35 AF Neckermann Presenta 35 AF Professional 35 EX Neckermann Professional 35 EX Professional Auto 35H Neckermann Professional Auto 35H
Brillant 1000 Neckermann Brillant 1000 Exclusiv 210 Neckermann Exclusiv 210 Exclusiv Pocket 110 Neckermann Exclusiv Pocket 110 Exclusiv Pocket 2000 Neckermann Exclusiv Pocket 2000
Exclusiv Pocket 310EE Neckermann Exclusiv Pocket 310EE Pocket 100 Neckermann Pocket 100 Presenta XR400 Everflash Neckermann Presenta XR400 Everflash Professional 110FL Neckermann Professional 110FL
1971Catalogue1971-72 HiverCatalogue1972 EtéCatalogue1972 HiverCatalogue
1973-74 HiverCatalogue1974 EtéCatalogue1975 EtéCatalogue1975-76 HiverCatalogue
1976 EtéCatalogue1976 HiverCatalogue1978 EtéCatalogue1979 EtéCatalogue
1979 FévrierCatalogue1979-80 HiverCatalogue1980 EtéCatalogue1980-81 HiverCatalogue
Nedinsco Venlo
Primo Nedinsco Venlo Primo Primo Nedinsco Venlo Primo Primo Nedinsco Venlo Primo
Nefox II Nefotaf  Nefox II
Perlux Neidig Perlux Perlux Neidig Perlux
Ce-Nei Knirps Neithold Ce-Nei Knirps
Siluro (Mod. A) Nemrod Siluro
Neo Fot
Neo Fot A Neo Fot Neo Fot A
Neoca 2S Neoca Neoca 2S Neoca 2S Neoca Neoca 2S Neoca 2S Neoca Neoca 2S Neoca 35-IIIS Neoca Neoca 35-IIIS
Neoca 35-K Neoca Neoca 35-K Neoca IVS Neoca Neoca IVS S Neoca S
Sonnet Nettel Sonnet Sonnet Le Gnome Nettel Sonnet Le Gnome
Deckrullo Nettel Deckrullo
Klapp Stéréo
Stéréax Nettel Stéréax
Newman and Guardia
Baby Sibyl Newman and Guardia Baby Sibyl New Special Sibyl Newman and Guardia New Special Sibyl Trellis Newman and Guardia Trellis
Nydia Newman and Guardia Nydia
Reflex SLR
Patent Folding Reflex (standard) Newman and Guardia Patent Folding Reflex
III S Nicca III S Nicca 3-F (Knob) Nicca Nicca 3-F (Knob) Nicca 3-S Nicca Nicca 3-S Nicca III Nicca Nicca III
Nicca IIIa Nicca Nicca IIIa
Nicnon Nichiryo Nicnon
Pingo Nickname Pingo
Niell und Simons
Lopa Niell und Simons Lopa
Nihon Koki
Reflex TLR
Silverflex LII Nihon Koki Silverflex LII Silverflex S Nihon Koki Silverflex S
35 TI Quartz Date Nikon 35 TI Quartz Date AD 3 Nikon AD 3 AF200 Nikon AF200 AF210 Nikon AF210
AF220 Nikon AF220 AF230 Nikon AF230 AF240SV Nikon AF240SV AF250SV Nikon AF250SV
AF3 Nikon AF3 AF600 Nikon AF600 AW35 Nikon AW35 EF300 Nikon EF300
EF400SV Nikon EF400SV EF500SV Nikon EF500SV L135 AF Nikon L135 AF L35 AD Nikon L35 AD
L35 AF Nikon L35 AF L35 AF2 Nikon L35 AF2 L35 AWAD Nikon L35 AWAD L35 AWAF Nikon L35 AWAF
L35 AWAF Nikon L35 AWAF L35 TWAF Nikon L35 TWAF Lite.Touch Zoom 100W Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 100W Lite.Touch Zoom 110s Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 110s
Lite.Touch Zoom 120ED Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 120ED Lite.Touch Zoom 130ED QD Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 130ED QD Lite.Touch Zoom 140ED Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 140ED Lite.Touch Zoom 150ED Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 150ED
Lite.Touch Zoom 70W Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 70W Lite.Touch Zoom 70Ws QD Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom 70Ws QD Lite.Touch Zoom AF QD Nikon Lite.Touch Zoom AF QD Nice.Touch 2 Nikon Nice.Touch 2
Nuvis 125i Nikon Nuvis 125i Nuvis 160i Nikon Nuvis 160i Nuvis 300 Nikon Nuvis 300 Nuvis 75i Nikon Nuvis 75i
Nuvis A20 Nikon Nuvis A20 Nuvis E10 Nikon Nuvis E10 Nuvis S Nikon Nuvis S Nuvis V Nikon Nuvis V
One.Touch Zoom 90 Nikon One.Touch Zoom 90 RD2 Nikon RD2 RF Nikon RF RF10 Nikon RF10
RF2 Nikon RF2 S Nikon S S2 Nikon S2 S3 Nikon S3
S3 year 2000 Nikon S3 year 2000 SP Nikon SP TW Zoom Nikon TW Zoom TW Zoom 105 Nikon TW Zoom 105
TW Zoom 35-70 Nikon TW Zoom 35-70 TW Zoom 85 Nikon TW Zoom 85 TW2 Nikon TW2 TW20 Nikon TW20
TW2D Nikon TW2D W35 QD Nikon W35 QD Zoom 100 Nikon Zoom 100 Zoom 200 Nikon Zoom 200
Zoom 310 QD Nikon Zoom 310 QD Zoom 400 Nikon Zoom 400 Zoom 500 Nikon Zoom 500 Zoom 60 Nikon Zoom 60
Zoom 600 Nikon Zoom 600 Zoom 800 Nikon Zoom 800
Reflex SLR
EL2 Nikon EL2 EM Nikon EM EM Nikon EM F Nikon F
F 250 Nikon F 250 F Photomic Nikon F Photomic F Photomic FTN Nikon F Photomic FTN F Photomic FTN Nikon F Photomic FTN
F Photomic T Nikon F Photomic T F-301 Nikon F-301 F-401 Nikon F-401 F-401s Nikon F-401s
F-401x Nikon F-401x F-501 Nikon F-501 F-601 Nikon F-601 F-601M Nikon F-601M
F-801 Nikon F-801 F-801s Nikon F-801s F100 Nikon F100 F2 Photomic Nikon F2 Photomic
F2 Photomic A Nikon F2 Photomic A F2 Photomic AS Nikon F2 Photomic AS F2 Photomic S Nikon F2 Photomic S F2 Photomic SB Nikon F2 Photomic SB
F2 Titan Nikon F2 Titan F3 Nikon F3 F3 HP Nikon F3 HP F4s Nikon F4s
F5 Nikon F5 F50 Nikon F50 F55 Nikon F55 F60 Nikon F60
F60 Nikon F60 F65 Nikon F65 F65 Nikon F65 F70 Nikon F70
F80 Nikon F80 F90 Nikon F90 F90X Nikon F90X FA Nikon FA
FA Nikon FA FA Nikon FA FE Nikon FE FE2 Nikon FE2
FE2 Nikon FE2 FG Nikon FG FG Nikon FG FG-20 Nikon FG-20
FM Nikon FM FM Nikon FM FM Nikon FM FM Nikon FM
FM Medical Nikkor Nikon FM Medical Nikkor FM2 Nikon FM2 FM2 Nikon FM2 FM2n Nikon FM2n
FM2n Nikon FM2n FT Nikon FT N5005 Nikon N5005 N6000 Nikon N6000
N8008s Nikon N8008s N90S Nikon N90S Nikkor F Nikon Nikkor F Nikkorex 35 Nikon Nikkorex 35
Nikkorex 35II Nikon Nikkorex 35II Nikkorex F Nikon Nikkorex F Nikkorex Zoom 35 Nikon Nikkorex Zoom 35 Nikkormat EL Nikon Nikkormat EL
Nikkormat EL Nikon Nikkormat EL Nikkormat ELW Nikon Nikkormat ELW Nikkormat FT Nikon Nikkormat FT Nikkormat FT2 Nikon Nikkormat FT2
Nikkormat FT3 Nikon Nikkormat FT3 Nikkormat FTn Nikon Nikkormat FTn Nikkormat FTn Nikon Nikkormat FTn Nikkormat TN Nikon Nikkormat TN
Nikomat EL Nikon Nikomat EL Nikomat EL Nikon Nikomat EL Nikomat FT2 Nikon Nikomat FT2 Pronea 600i Nikon Pronea 600i
Pronea S Nikon Pronea S
Calypso Nikkor II Nikon Calypso Nikkor II M35-S Nikon M35-S Nachet Nikon Nachet Nikonos II Nikon Nikonos II
Nikonos III Nikon Nikonos III Nikonos IV-A Nikon Nikonos IV-A Nikonos V Nikon Nikonos V
Nimslo 3D Nimslo Nimslo 3D
Nishika Optical
N8000 Nishika Optical N8000
Ideal Color 35 Nixon Ideal Color 35
Electronic 1000 Nizo Electronic 1000
Nomar n°1 Nomar Nomar n°1
Nori 0a Norisan Nori 0a
Reflex SLR
66 Norita 66
North American Mfg.
Superflex North American Mfg. Superflex
Reflex TLR
Namco Multi-flex North American Mfg. Namco Multi-flex
Norton Camera Norton Norton Camera
Novac Novac Novac Novac de luxe Novac Novac de luxe Novac n°1 Novac Novac n°1 Novac Série A Novac Novac Série A
Novac Série B Novac Novac Série B Novac Série D Novac Novac Série D Novac Série E Novac Novac Série E
Novac Film Novac Novac Film
35 Super Novo 35 Super
Noxa Noxa Noxa
AF 3570 Nytech AF 3570