Catalogue Ringfoto 1977-78

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Page 6

Ringfoto Alfo Mini-Pocket
Ringfoto Alfo Pocket 110
Ringfoto Alfo Pocket 220

Page 7

Carena Micro-Flash 110
Ringfoto Alfo Tele 118

Page 8

Agfa Agfamatic 2008 Pocket
Agfa Agfamatic 3008 Pocket
Agfa Agfamatic 4008 Pocket
Agfa Optima 5000 Pocket
Agfa Optima 6000 Pocket

Page 9

Kodak Instamatic 130
Kodak Instamatic 230
Kodak Mini-Instamatic S30
Kodak Mini-Instamatic S40
Kodak Tele-Instamatic 330
Kodak Tele-Instamatic 430
Kodak Tele-Instamatic 530

Page 10

Kodak Instamatic 177-X
Kodak Instamatic 277-X
Kodak Instamatic 77-X
Minox 110S
Rollei A110
Rollei E110
Voigtlander Vitoret 110

Page 11

Polaroid 2000
Polaroid EE100
Polaroid SX-70 Alpha

Page 13

Carena Micro Compact
Ringfoto Alfo 35BM

Page 14

Carena Computer II
Carena Micro Compact
Rollei 35B
Rollei 35S
Rollei 35T
Rollei XF35

Page 15

Agfa Optima 1035 Sensor Electronic
Agfa Optima 535 Sensor Electronic
Minox 35EL
Minox C
Voigtlander VF 135

Page 18

Carena Micro RSD

Page 20

Carena SFL 2

Page 21

Carena SRH 760

Page 22

Pentacon Praktica L2
Pentacon Praktica LTL3
Pentacon Praktica Super TL2

Page 23

Rollei Rolleiflex SL35 M
Rollei Rolleiflex SL35 ME
Voigtlander VSL 1
Voigtlander VSL 2 automatic

Page 29

Canon 110 ED
Canon Canonet 28
Canon Canonet GIII QL17

Page 30

Canon AE1
Canon EF
Canon F1