[Polaroid] le retour

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[Polaroid] le retour

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Le magazine allemand "Der Spiegel" a publié une version anglaise de son reportage sur la tentative hollandaise de fabriquer des films "Polaroid compatibles" (l'anglais du texte de la Gallery se lit facilement)

http://www.spiegel.de/international/ger ... 18,00.html

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Re: [Polaroid] le retour

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Thank you very much, dear Bernard.

Ils vont réussir, c'est certain. Mais pourra-t-on jamais retrouver des plan-films en 4x5 pour réutiliser nos vieux dos 545 ?
Un honeste homme peut trouver le bonheur
entre les pages d'un livre,
entre les bras d'une femme,
ou sur le dos d'un cheval.
bernard P

Re: [Polaroid] le retour et une vente...

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Il a été publié l'information suivante :

Judge authorises break-up, sale of iconic Polaroid Collection:

"A Minnesota Bankruptcy Court has approved the break-up and sale by
Sotheby's of the Polaroid Collection, which includes more than 16,000
instant images, some of them made by photographers such as Ansel Adams
and William Wegman..."

Source: http://www.bjp-online.com/public/showPa ... age=868088

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Re: [Polaroid] le retour

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J'ai reçu aujourd'hui ce message:

Dear Supporter of The Impossible Project,

the pleasure is all ours to herewith inform you about the latest and likewise groundbreaking news regarding our quest to keep Instant Photography alive by re-inventing a new analog integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras.

Already holding the first working hand-coated samples in our trembling hands, we are pleased to herewith announce an epoch making cooperation between Polaroid (who can no longer resist the stir we are making) and The Impossible Project:

The new licensee of the Polaroid Brand – The Summit Global Group – will re-launch the legendary Polaroid One Step Camera and is therefore commissioning The Impossible Project to develop and produce a limited edition of Polaroid branded Instant Films in the middle of 2010.

We are proud and excited that our ambitions and all the relentless work we have already invested are now becoming the foundation for Polaroid's comeback as a producer of Instant Cameras.

Large-scale production and worldwide sale of The Impossible Project's new integral film materials under its own brand will already start in the beginning of 2010 - with a brand new and astonishing black and white Instant Film and the first colour films to follow in the course of the year.

At this point we would like to thank every single one of your for all your overwhelming support so far- THANK YOU! It's fair to say that we wouldn't be where we are now if it was not for all your help.

For further developments, upcoming news and detailed updates please stay tuned to http://www.the-impossible-project.com

Dr. Florian Kaps, Founder of Polapremium & The Impossible Project
Merci, Sylvain!.... et merci à vous tous!

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