The "Colorelief" viewers favori envoyer

Under the brand “Colorelief”, there exist at least three viewers. First is out of black bakelite, with a red knob of drive. It makes it possible to watch cards 9 x 13 cm, with 8 views (2 x 8). These cards are out of greenish cardboard, under crystal paper or illustrated pocket (as on the picture) or out of white cardboard. The subjects of these cards are tourist (one does not escape to the nerverending Lourdes!), but do not limit themselves to France.


The second is called “Retro” and third ”Stereo Super ”.

The Colorelief boards which accompany “Retro” are strictly identical to those of Bruguière. Only, marking is different. The second statement of fact, even more important, came to me while looking at the packing pocket from these boards. One sees there a publicity for the other Colorelief viewer, and there, surprise, it is about, more nor less “Stéréoclic Super” of Bruguièe. On this envelope, the name f a company appears, it is about the “L'expansion photographique - Paris”.



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