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Made in Hong-Kong from 1978 to 0.
Frequency on French flea markets/yard sales: Courant
Inventory #: 6082

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Hanimex Hanimex Tele 110 TFHanimex Tele 110 TF
Maker (if different from the brand):
Brand’s known addresses: Australie

Mc Keown's page: - (12ème édition)
Camera Type : Miniature
Film / plate / Sheet film
Film type: 110 Maximum number of exposures: 20
Frame format (metric): 13 x 17 mm Frame format (imperial):
Dimension of the dual-format frames (metric): of the triple-format frames (metric):
Interchangeable back: Non Magazine back: Non
Advance system: Curseur Position de l'avancement: Sur la semelle
Rewind system: Non Position du rembobinage:
Rewind system options:
Exposure control
Meter: Non Meter location:
Metering: Metering mode:
IL/EV: circa EV13 Au sujet des IL/EV Nouvelle fenêtre Exposure lock:
Film speed: 100 ASA Au sujet des sensibilités Nouvelle fenêtre
Shutter brand: Shutter model:
Shutter type: Central Shutter composition: Lamelles métalliques
Shutter speeds: 1/90 Shutter cocking: Automatique avec l’avancement du film
Shutter release: Double exposure prevention: Oui
Timer: non Timer signal:
Timer duration:
Original lens type: Bifocale Lens mount: Fixe
Lens brand: Lens model:
Mount: Diaphragme:
Optical formula: Original lenght: 25 - 43 mm
Maximum aperture: 8 - 11 Minimum aperture:
Minimal focusing (metric): circa 40/100 Minimal focusing (imperial): 1'6/3'4
Focusing mode: Fixfocus Focusing control system:
Focusing memorization:
Power alimentation
Original battery model: LR 6 (1,5 volts-Cylindrique-Alcaline)

(CEI-LR 6) (Hellesens-MN 1500) (Japon-AM 3) (Mallory-MN 1500) (Mazda-LK 6) (Saft Leclanche-K 6) (Ucar-E 91) (Varta-4006)
Original number of batteries: 2
Remplacement battery type: Number of replacement batteries:
Exposure counter: Exposure counter reseting:
Bellow extension:
Bellow shape: Bellow color:
Bellow material: Bellow corners:
Bellow position: Bellow edges:
Bellow attachement: Cadre du soufflet:
Support intermédiaire du soufflet:
Min. extension: Max. extension:
Vertical shift: Horizontal shift:
Vertical tilt: Horizontal tilt:
Number of viewfinder: 1
Viewfinder type: Interne fixe Second viewfinder type:
Bright-frame finder: Parallaxe:
Rangefinder image shape: Rangefinder image color:
Rangefinder image type: Technique d'affichage dans le viseur:
Exposure parameters display; Exposure parameters and auto modes display:
Flash charging signal: Non Frame counter: Non
Over/under exposure signal: Non
Accessory shoe
Accessory shoe: Shoe location:
Shoe parallax correction pin: Hot shoe:
Number of accessory shoes:
Flash sync: Flash sync speed:
Number of connections:
Built-in flash: Oui Type of built-in flash: Electronique
Flash options: Manuel Guide Number (GN): ?
Anti-red eye option: Non Anti-red-eye mode:
Dimensions and weight
Minimum dimensions (collapsed): 16,7 x 6,0 x 3,2 cm Weight: 182 sans piles g
Maximum dimensions (extended): cm    
Depth of field preview: Manual mirror lock-up:

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