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Leica Leicaflex SL2
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Manufactured or assembled in Germany from 1974 to (After) 1978.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 10057

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Chronology of cameras Leica 

Traduction de Christian Surle.

Sold up to 24000 pieces between 1974 and 1977, this camera is considered by the brand fans as the very best mechanical 24 x 36 ever made. This is the last unit of this type made by Leitz factory. You can see it fitted with a 1,4/50 mm Summilux-R.
This 770gr heavy (naked) body is very strong and reliable. The shutter allows all speeds from 1 sec. up to 1/2000° sec., and a flash sync at 1/100° sec. The view is quite bright. A glance in the viewfinder allows you to check: speed, diaphragm, and light measure, when the camera is fitted with the good battery to supply the twin CDS cells. You can switch a light inside the viewfinder with a knob on top of the body.
The viewfinder is one of the main developments compared with the previous model (SL).
There is now a split-image telemeter in its centre, surrounded with a macro-prism. The rest of the image is quite clear. The display is now more readable, especially due to the green hand. The exposure meter sensitivity has been improved. The accessory shoe now features a central contact. The back has been modified to slim the body, thus improving the grip.
The design of this ultimate Leicaflex is still very pleasant to see now. This is an undeniable success. This body was sold with a soft silver or black finishing, either very solid or reliable.
There was a motorized version named MOT.

Leica Leicaflex SL2