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Manufactured in Japon from 1978 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Peu courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 10317

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Konica FS-1

At the Photokina in1978, the FS-1 was, with the Contax 137, the only reflex with built-in motor. The FS-1 is distinguished by the fact that the motor is fully integrated with the general line of the camera, it has been thought "with integrated motor"  from the very beginning of the studies.
It is presented as a compact SLR, but elongated. In the embossing which also serves as a "grip", there are four AA batteries that provide power to the motor, but also power for all the functions of the camera.
The motor drives the film at a rate of two frames per second. It allows the winding of the film to until the first frame. But the rewind at the end of the film is manual, It is the prpose of the presence of the protruding crank.

The housing suffers from two major shortcomings for a camera of this generation: no exposure memorization, and no test of the depth-of-field.

In the viewfinder, the display is made by LED: 11 corresponding to the aperture scale, indication of the desabled automatism and another one to show that you are beyond the coupling limits. It also indicates, according to the way it flashes the load of the power batteries. Some of the other LEDs have a specific function when the flash Konica X-24 auto is fitted on the camera.

In front, a cap protects an electrical outlet for powering some accessories such as electric cable release or remote control.

The shutter is fully electronic, and there is no mechanical speed (No cocking lever, so no battery ....)

It was sold with a standard 1.8 / 40 mm lens.

Its name, FS-1, would be those of the project "Future System # 1" which would have remained. In 1979, it overtakes its competitor the Contax 137 for their commercial release.