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Photos by JCB text by JCB . From the collection of JCB
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Manufactured in France from 1905 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11003

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Girard Le Rêve Ideal 1905

Traduction de Daniel C.

 This version of the camera « Rêve Idéal « , as the other ones, allows for the use of special VIDIL rollfilm (Not available any more). This film permits to centre and to do the focusing on the translucent portions of the film inserted between the active portions of the film which are protected by a covering paper as it is on every modern medium format films.

 The camera body is made of wood, At rear of the camera, a hinged hatch made of aluminium and wood is used to make the centring and the focusing on the translucent parts of the special film (see the photo)

The camera also allows for the use of 9x12 cm size plates.

The camera is fitted with a F:6,8, 145mm Beckers serie II anastigmat lens. It also exist with an Hermagis lens. Focusing is made through modification of the extension the stand sliding on the rails by means of a knurled knob

Rise, fall and shift motions are obtained acting on two knurled knobs : rack and pinion system on the column supporting the shutter block, screw driven vertical motion ( previous models needed the block to be pushed with force)

The shutter block is fitted with a small miror type viewfinder equipped with a spirit level.

The between lens type shutter is a piston type (manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY). It offers the following speeds: T, B, 1/10 to 1/100 sec. The left side piston ( looking the camera front) is fitted with a threaded connection to fit the end of a pneumatic shutter triggering attachment.

Inside this shutter, the speed is set by a pneumatic system.. A small piston is lifted by a cam in proportion of the exposure time. When it is released, It falls downward, venting the air from the cylinder. The volume of air to be vented gives the exposure time

As a contrary from the previous models, the columns are not articulated. It is therefore necessary to completely push backward the lens stand to be able to close the bed of the camera.

The struts of the camera are straight.

Girard Le Rêve Ideal 1905