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Hanimex 35 HF
France Version française
Photos by BL text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of BL. Last update 2020-03-28 par Eric Borel.

Manufactured or assembled in Hong-Kong from 1989 to (After) 1992.
Index of rarity in France: Frequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 11037

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Traduction de Sylvain Halgand

With its sharp red frontage and its a little round forms, this traditional camera integrates a 35mm lens. The winding is done by a serrated roller and rewinding using a crank.
In frontage, under the release, the button of locking and installation of the protection of the lens is located. The ordering of the integrated flash is off-set in lower part of the lens.

Hanimex 35 HF