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Chronology of the Lumiere brand  New window

Manufactured in France from 1939 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11255

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Lumiere Sterelux II modele C bis

The success of the Stérélux 1 leads to modify it by giving it more possibilities. Under its folding appearance, by its protective flap, in fact it is assimilated more to a "klapp" because of its scissors.
The technical features:
• Lumière lenses: 2 coupled lenses Anastigmat Spector 1: 4.5 / F = 80. The two lenses are connected by a chrome bar.
• Shutter (set by wheel between the two lenses): T (long exposure) / B (bulb) / 1/2/5/10/25/50/100
• Apertures (on the right lens): iris 4.5 / 6.3 / 8/11/16/22
• Distances (on left lens): m 2/3/5/8 / Infinity
• Cocking lever (between the two lenses) and the trigger lever on the front
• Self timer
• Finder: Galilee type
• Two 6 x 6 cm images on film 116 (the same film as the foldings 6.5 x 11)
• At the back of the device, reading the frame numbers is done using 7 distinct red windows, numbered from 1 to 7.
• Inscription LUMIERE stamped on the front, on top of the coating.


It seems that there are four versions: 3 in 1933 and 1 in 1935 differing mainly by their lenses, shutter speeds and their viewfinders. The model presented on this page is the fourth version.

* This unit is numbered F 145.

Lumiere Sterelux II modele C bis