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Photos by FL text by FL. From the collection of FL
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Manufactured in ex-URSS from 1965 until 1982.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11351

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Krasnogorsk FS-3

FS stands for Fotosniper

The ultimate photographic gun....
A Tair telephoto f: 4.5 / 300mm with a huge lens hood, a pistol grip, an adaptable butt at the end of the grip and here it is.....
Just modify substantially all of the elements to make them fit for purpose:
The various successive camera bodies shall need an elongated eyepiece to position the  eye correctly for ... shooting!
A second shutter release system on the base is activated by the move of the trigger located on the pistol grip.
The Taïr meanwhile provides a focusing adjustment by an horizontal  knurled wheel , just where the left hand supports the gun in firing position ... The ideal to balance the whole assembly. Finally, the semi auto preset, that you need to cock separately, is controlled by the trigger and released before the shutter is activated (which is manually cocked of course). The complete shooting action therefore requires a strong pressure on the trigger because it starts successively two actions.
The set comes in years with different Zenit versions specially modified, especially at the base: ET becoming ES, 12XP becoming 12XPS, 122 becoming 122S etc ... . The main change is that the TTL measurement facilitates things with this type of equipment rather than the external selenium measurement of the first models..
The steel case that allows to store the whole system after all parts have been separated is complete with filter set, 58mm standard Helios lens, film rolls, screwdrivers etc ...... Everything is provided for the camera and its accessories to be suitably secured inside and leather straps allow even to wear it as a backpack !!!!

In practice, it is clear that the use was military at the origin rather than taking animal pictures in the taiga or in the bush. ...... ..

Indeed, the cocking is manual, and particularly, when triggered, the return of the telephoto preset ring emits a loud popping sound that animals could hear from miles away ...... We can therefore conclude that you should never miss the first photo because you would have to wait a bit before returning to the silence and serenity for a second try !!

Krasnogorsk FS-3