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Manufactured in ex-URSS from 1958 until 1965.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11353

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Krasnogorsk FT-2

This camera, robust and amazingly simple, is a Soviet panoramic, manufactured from 1958 to 1965. It is somehow the ancestor of the "Horizon".

Equipped with a fixed focal length Industar 50mm lens, open to 5 and without diaphragm, it reaches the hyperfocal only at 20 meters from the subject.

But it is a fantastic device, however: with its "normal" focal length of 50mm (not 35 or 28 like most other panoramic), it still covers 120 °.

It works with a 35mm film loaded in a special cartridge, and negative measures 24 x 112mm!

The fixed diaphragm, is a slot in front of the lens both are rotating around an axis, scanning the landscape that impresses the film placed on a half-cylinder in the back of the body.

Unlike the "Horizon", it gives images without making too big the foregrounds and backgrounds not too far away. It offers a so-called normal vision.

A curious device visible on top of the unit controlled by two small index the combined position of which determine 4 scanning speeds of the film by the lens, which corresponds to shutter speeds (1/400, 1/200 , 1/100, 1/50). A big key is used to cock it. Aiming is done with a small and not very efficient collapsible frame. Fortunately, a spirit level helps ensuring its horizontality: Considering its covered field, if the camera is horizontal, the subject has a good chance to be photographed, but the framing is very approximate.

Krasnogorsk FT-2

Krasnogorsk FT-2