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Manufactured in Allemagne from 1933 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11424

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Leica III

Traduction de Christian Surle.

This model III F Leica is a genuine Leica made in 1933.
However, almost every archive or document testifies that silver models were made from 1933.
After many investigations, it appears that 500 black bodies were manufactured. This is the first explanation.
The second one, more romantic and quite possible, is that a rich owner could have sent his camera back to the factory to have it painted in black. I have been told that it was a very common practice at that time...
Anyway, its owner has kept it 70 years long, well protected, and it has still the same aspect as when I bought it.... All speeds are working well and seem accurate, even slow ones and 1 sec.
The release is a typical feature of this model and reveals the quality of the German production that can be found in many other fields... Have a look to my car....
It features a nickel 2/50 mm Summar with retractable barrel, and its serial number dates it back to 1934.
So much was written or told about this model, which is the first one featuring slow speeds. Its shutter works up to 1/500° sec., and only further models IIIa or IIIc will reach 1/1000° sec.
This is a pleasant-to-use camera, but its viewfinder may not be very suitable for glass-wearing people. Its regularity and its silence make it the ideal camera for snapshots.
Besides, it is so beautiful too, that one can hesitate between using or looking at it !.

Leica III