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Manufactured in France from 1955 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11697

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Simda Panorascope

Traduction de Dan Fromm.

Simone and Daniel Guebin formed the SIMDA company in 1955.

They made a 16 mm stereo camera that used single or double perforation ciné film:  the PANORASCOPE 3D, also called the PANORAMASCOPE 3D.  A roll of film allowed 100 exposures.

This camera shot stereo mini-slides, which were then mounted on cards and read with a stereo viewer.  At that time, when photographers were limited to shooting black/white, the vacation souvenirs that couldn’t be ignored were little cards with stereo photographs (see the stereo section on this site).

The first model that the company marketed was produced with a simple sports finder on the edge of the camera (in the lenses’ plane) and a reflex viewer.  It used two fixed focus lenses – Roussel Microcolor 25/3.5.  The lenses’ type and characteristics were engraved on aluminum protective rings around the glass.  The camera also had a large film advance knob, a grip that holds accessories and an automatic frame counter.

The stereo shutter gave speeds from 1 second to 1/250th and B.

The camera will take, as the user wishes, a single “mono” photo or a stereo pair.

The shutter speed control is near the right lens, the aperture control near the left.

The camera was covered with black leather.

The second model is told from the first by its two color gray leather covering and by the replacement of the original lenses with Angenieux lenses of the same characteristics.  The addition of a real optical viewfinder located on the front was effected in the cameras made.  It must have allowed, along with the grid with the sport finder positioned on the front of the camera, a considerable reduction in parallax errors.

Fewer than 2500 of these cameras must have been produced.

The example shown, in my collection, has the first generation’s characteristics.  It is very certainly a prototype.  The aluminum protective rings around the lenses bear no engraving.

This camera’s serial number, engraved in the sports finder’s little frame, is 80900.  This would seem to confirm, that it is indeed a pre-production example.

The first production serial number will without doubt have been, very logically, 80901.

Simda Panorascope

Simda Panorascope