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Manufactured in Germany from 1957 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11838

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Agfa Ambi Silette

Traduction de Manuel M

Upscale of the brand, it is telemetric Agfa to have only had interchangeable lens. It derives from simple Silette of which it regains general shape. There are two versions of which the differences are tiny: the first exit in 1957 and the second, here presented, left into 59. This second version comprises inter alia eyepieces to attach a shoulder-strap.

Ambi Silette comprises some characteristics.
First of all, there is a part who protects the line of viewer and, of course, one should not forget to raise it. It is a shame which it is out of brass, because the layer of silver plated metal rather tends to erode. Then, the cursor which makes it possible to display the collimation according to the lens in place is limited to 35.50 or 90 mm. Lastly, the specific bayonet is astonishing of simplicity; a small pin, a eighth (?) of turn and click, the lens is n place!

A word finally on the viewfinder: it is of a size and a clearness rarely seen. Moreover, the rangefinder of green color is very contrasted, it is really worthy of the last generations of telemetric of the years 70-80.
Three lens available, all were manufactured by Agfa: Ambion 4/35, Solinar 2.8/50, Telinear 4/90 and Telinear 4/130.
It is finally not much compared to completely valid competitors such as Paxette.