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Manufactured in Japon from 1958 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Yashica YE

Traduction de Manuel M

In 1958, Yashica buys the firm Nicca Cameras Company Ltd, specialized in the manufacture of very beautiful copies of Leica with screwmount 39.

Whereas Nicca produced not optics and that it essentially puts on its bodies some Nikon lenses, by this purchase, Yashica intends to manufacture its own lenses with screwmount 39
Thus it will have the complete control of manufacture and will be able to compete with Canon on its market.

The Nicca firm will keep its identity and its factory.

On the basis of the Nicca 3F, type II - with cocking lever - of 1957, will be manufactured two years later, the very first telemetric camera Yashica with interchangeable lenses called by the brand: The YE.

It is thus about a telemetric 35 mm camera, for images 24 x 36mm, with interchangeable lenses and with screwmount 39mm (Standard Leica).

- Clear viewfinder, being next to the telemetric centring. The telemetric picture is very large (idem, that Nicca 3F), rectangular, pinkish and well contrasted.
- roller-blind with shutter out of fabric. Speeds of the 1/30 second to the 1/500 second + B on the serrated roller of the hood, known as fast speeds and of the ½ second to the 1/30 second on the serrated roller of fronting, known as slow speeds.
- Loading by the sole “à la Leica”
- Accessory shoe, with cams of correction of parallax.
- Socket synchro-flash with the back, centered on the shoe.
- Fast cocking and advance of film in only one operation.
- Mechanical exposure counter on the cocking lever
- Lens: Yashica Yashicor F 2.8-22/5cm - distances in feet, Minimum distance of focusing: 3.5 feet. The YE was also available with the rapid Yashinon F 1.9.
- The body is stamped Yashica Co. Ltd on its front face and engraved YASHICA on its hood.

This beautiful camera is extremely rare. It will be too expensive to manufacture and will be sold very badly. Less than 1800 YF would have been produced in 8 months.

Yashica YE

Yashica YE