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Manufactured in Japon from 1960 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Yashica M

Traduction de Manuel M

With this model, Yashica take up  with classic shapes. One is far from the YK and YL! This “M” is in fact, the very first version of the Minister I and also the very first model of this series. It is also the first Yashica to have an exposure meter

* Collimated viewfinder with frame for the 45 mm. On this model, or this specimen, one does not find some correction of parallax.
* Round and pinkish telemetric image, little contrasted
* Cell with selenium on the front face, on the right of the lens. Above the hood, on the right of the accessory shoe, one finds the control of exposure and the selection of sensitivity of film. The abacus of this control is in value of IL IL1 to IL7.
* Copal SVL shutter allowing speeds, from second to the 1/500 second + B
* It has a mechanical self-timer and a socket synchro flash in fronting
* The lens is a beautiful Yashinon F 1.9/45 mm
* Synchronization of IL, by variation of the apertures
* The cocking is done by a lever, coupled to a mechanical exposure counter
* Rewinding starts again the crank of the YL. It will be, with the Minister I the last to have it. The M. II who will follow it will be deprived of it and will have the classic serrated roller on the hood.  

This very first Minister prepares the ground of the series, which will be a best-seller for Yashica: performance and reliability.
The specimen that I present here, bears the n°: M2013225.

Yashica M