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Manufactured in Japon from 1965 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Yashica Half 17 Rapid

Traduction de Manuel M

The “Yashica Half-17 rapid” is a camera half-format, which produced “vertical” pictures of 18 x 24 mm. One uses it with Rapid cartridges which allow 24 views in this format. The “17” comes from its Yashinon lens with Copal shutter, from 27 mm and opening with f 1,7.
Here thus explained the name of this small compact camera, appeared in 1965 and resulting of from Yashica Half-17 which had been born in 1961.
Like all the Yashica productions of the Sixties, this camera gives a beautiful feeling of robustness, the quality of materials and the finishing being exemplary.

The Yashica Half-17 Rapid has a selenium cell placed around the lens.
It works in priority with the aperture or “automatic”. This second mode makes it possible to select a couple speed/diaphragm defined in advance, according to the indications of the cell which are visible in the viewfinder. The speeds extends from 1/30 with 1/800s. A pose B is also available.
The viewfinder is collimated, and present pictograms corresponding to the four notches of the ring of focusing; 0,8m, 1,2m, 3m and the infinite. A needle drived by the ring positions on the scales of the pictograms according to the distance.
The accessory shoe is not synchronized. One notes the presence of a self-timer of 10 s and the button of cocking is in the sole of the camera.
If this camera has an undeniable family resemblance with the EZ-matic, their sizes are sufficiently different to affirm that these two cameras shares only very few aesthetic components.