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Manufactured in Japon from 1965 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11898

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Yashica Atoron

Traduction de Manuel M

This miniature camera of very beautiful construction, heavy but elegant, uses the Minox film of format 8 x 11 mm.
It is the most beautiful of the miniatures camera out-brand to use the Minox cartdriges.

It follows several trial and error and two commercial failures of Yashica in this very particular domain: Y16 and the 16EE with Minolta film.  

It has an automatic cell with selenium and its exposure is programmed with variation of speed and aperture.
On the serrated roller of adjustment of the exposure, one finds an adjustment of the ASA and indexes IL (EV). One finds no adjustment of aperture there, nor speed, except for the pose B.
The cocking/advance of film is done using a trigger located at the right end, with the back of the camera. This system will be copied by lot of “110”…

The lens is a fix-focus Yashinon F 2.8-16 of 18 mm with 4 lenses. It has a permanent filter anti-UV and a removable yellow filter. The shutter allows speeds from 1/45 to the 1/250 second + B.

A flash for magnesic lamps AG-1, all in all metal was available. It was fixed by the nut of foot, on the left face of the camera.

The Ataron will be replaced in 1971 by the Atoron Electro, will be equipped inter alia modifications, of a CDS cell.

The specimen that I present here was delivered, in version “set”, in a superb box out of wooden including:
the camera, with its chrome chain. Here the n°: To 61134336

a flexible case

a flash
two neutral grey filters of different densities.

A very beautiful miniature which does not have anything to envy to Minox.


Yashica Atoron