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Photos by PF text by EC/Sylvain Halgand.France Version française

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Manufactured in Japon from 1998 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11994

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Yashica Samurai 4000 iX

Traduction de Manuel M

In 1988, Yashica had the daring to issue a camera resembling no other, and, moreover, half-format. Badly took some to him because it was a failure. Assassinated on the baptismal funds by critics, the camera with the look of video camera however had real ergonomic qualities.
Ten years later, Yashica, meanwhile last in the bosom of the Japanese group Kyocera, launched again a very close camera by general ergonomics. Giving up the half-format on film 135, it is the APS who became the photographic support about it.

The camera is a little smaller than its predecessor, because of reduction of the size of the cartridge APS compared to that of the 135. The zoom has one “range” a little longer than the first Samurai. The viewfinder is improved, because it was one of the reproaches done with the first generation, as well as the quality of optics.

The catch in hand is of the standard of video cameras and reminds that of Olympus IS and Canon Autoboy.
For holding it well, it is necessary to slip the right hand under the wrist-strap. The fingers find a natural support in a hollow filled with non-skid rubber. The index finger makes it possible to control the zoom and the shutter release. With the back of the camera, on a quasi-vertical panel, the viewfinder and the master switch are, of blue colour. One finds there an ACL, from now on generalized on the compact camera. A trap door masks buttons of not-essential adjustments.  The APS cartridge fits in the camera by underside. It requires only one minimal opening, since with the APS, it is the camera which fully manages the setting of film.
The exposure being entirely programmed, it does not have there other adjustments.

Another characteristic: its plastic hull is iridescent and is about impossible to photograph correctly.

Yashica Samurai 4000 iX