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Photos by FL text by EB. From the collection of FL
France Version française

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Manufactured in Germany from 1931 until 1935.
Index of rarity in France : Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 12084

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Zeiss Ikon Ikonta

Traduction de Manuel M

BABY IKONTA A8 or in French Ikonta miniature:

One of my Zeiss Ikon preferred… a featherweight appeared in 1932 of the size of a cigarettes package!

Here what the “advertizing agents” Zeiss Ikon said in 1932:

“Not larger than a case for cigarettes, the Ikonta Miniature offers at the same time the ease of use of all Ikonta and the well-known advantages of the format 3 x 4. It is the camera dreamed to note at the passage the thousand incidents of the daily life and to seize into instantaneous all interesting subjects, without preparations, calculations. It thus does not make duplication with the hand cameras of higher format, however sophisticated are, and admirably supplements the photographic luggage knowledge of the modern amateur.

With the Ikonta Miniature, like besides with all the cameras of the family, the various operations are carried out in a few seconds; the focusing is generally useless by beautiful light, all the planes being definite with diaphragm f:11 since a few meters until the infinite.

The miscellaneous models of Ikonta miniature are all provided with an anastigmat lens of large aperture, whose extreme sharpness] makes it possible to subject the cliché a strong amplification, until 18 x 24 at least.

Main features:

Metallic Body sheathed of leather (or imitation leather for the models with Novar). Automatic opening and setting, adjustment of the distance and the diaphragm by the system (patented) of the “two reference marks”, focusing of 1 meter ad infinitum per rotation of the frontal lens. Special device ensuring the flatness of the film. Only one frame viewfinder, to operate at the height of the eyes, Nut of foot with “English” thread.

Proposed in 1932:

520/18 E Anastigmat Novar 1:6,3 F: 5 cm. shutter Derval (245 francs)
520/18 I Anastigmat Novar 1:4,5 F: 5 cm. shutter Derval (310 francs)
520/18 I Anastigmat Novar 1:4,5 F: 5 cm. shutter Telma (345 francs)
520/18 F Anastigmat Novar 1:3,5 F: 5 cm. shutter Compur 00 (580 francs)
520/18 U Zeiss Tessar 1:4,5 F: 5 cm. shutter Compur 00 (675 francs)
520/18 L Zeiss Tessar 1:3,5 F: 5 cm. shutter Compur 00 (840 francs)

A Box-Tengor 6 x 9 was worth 105 francs the same year.