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Photos by BS text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of BS
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Manufactured in Chine from Circa 1995 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Très courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 12236

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Yoshiba -

Traduction de J. De La Vega, Espagne.

Here the YOSHIBA, camera 35 mm made in China.

In its elegant black and champagne finish, with its off-set flash, connected by a twisted cord of the most beautiful effect, it really looks very PRO! The flash, directional in all directions, is provided with a head zoom, quite useless because the apparatus has only one fixed focal distance.

For framing, no problem! The user has the choice between two sights: one on the side, Gallilei style, plus one sight "Reflex" in the false prism. One wonders what it can be used, since the lens is "Focus Free", i.e. auto focus, finally... with focus fixed.

Let us speak about the lens. It is the famous "Optical Lens, Made in Japan", model of choice of all Chinesse makers. Neither Tessar, nor anastigmat, its revolutionary optical formula, it is "Bottom of bottle", at his best! Protected behind a plastic pane, it gets, without filter, guaranteed a Hamilton effect !

And the machine is motorized! It winds and rewinds in a concert of plastic pinions.

It has in front a "system anti eye red" (from where I deduce that the apparatus is designed to exclusively photograph the one-eyed ones or cyclops). The system in question consists of a red diode...! (is necessary to do it!) It
functions besides permanently, without being necessary to press on a

Me, I find that pretty, in the absence of being effective, but for
discretion, one does better!

But the best is reached by two small red buttons under the shutter. Would this be an ordering of zoom? Not, because as indicates it the mention "AUTO ZOOM" on the top of the objective, this one is automatic (Well, fixed focal, a some sort of auto zoom, not?).

In fact, these two buttons order motor which makes it possible to lengthen or to shorten the barrel of the objective, which actuates the two plastic plates which constitute the diaphragm (that goes, you follow?). Four values available, lie between f.16 and f.6,3. to post intermediate f.11 or f.8, values, it is necessary to tap on the button the right time, because the system continues on its impetus. There at the end of 2-3 month of assiduous training, one must be able to do it.

The machine is almost new, in its plastics of origin, accompanied by its plastic bag. I never used it (y' has limits, nevertheless!).

The instructions recommends, that in the event of problem, it should be brought to a professional to make it repair. That I test, one day, history to laugh will be necessary, balance that on the counter of a photo SAV...

P.S.: riddle:
How to double the value of a YOSHIBA?

Answer: It is enough to charge it with a film, even out-of-dat

Yoshiba -

Yoshiba -

Yoshiba -