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Photos by Sylvain Halgand text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of Sylvain Halgand
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Manufactured in Germany from 1958 until (After) 1968.
Index of rarity in France : Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 1275

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Minox B

Traduction de Sylvain Halgand

Walter Zapp, the originator of Minox with film 9,5 mm, always denied that its goal was to manufacture a camera for spy. The cinema and the popular literature saw the things differently.
From 1938 with today, the models followed one another, by acquiring improvements, but by preserving the guiding principles, defined as of the exit of Minox Riga.

  • an mini size
  • a mini weight (use of aluminum)
  • film 9,5 mm (film then usually used in cinema)
  • a lens of quality
  • a powerful shutter
  • a system of winding, simple (which inspired by other manufacturers thereafter, such Agfa)

Minox B arrived in 1958, after Minox Riga (1937 - 1944), Minox II (1948-1951), Minox III (1951-1953) and Minox III-s (1954-1969).
Minox B was the first to have a built-in cell (with selenium). It has a very good lens COMPLAN 3,5/15 mm, a green filter and a neutral filter are integrated into the camera.
On Minox, it is necessary to regulate the distance from shooting (serrated roller on the left on the photograph). The chains, is a particularly useful accessory in this case. Indeed the small grains which one sees on the chain are spaced by respecting the distances being reproduced on the serrated roller. Thus, to take in photograph a paper sheet, for a distance of 20 cm, it suffices to position this one on the level of the first grain of the chain.
There is a chain in metric system (mine) and one in US system, according to the geographical origin of the camera.

The job number makes it possible to precisely know the year of manufacture of the camera. This one goes back to 1966.

1958: 600001-622397
1959: 622398-661617
1960: 661618-701762
1961: 701763-735254
1962: 735255-766622
1963: 766623-805699
1964: 805700-837956
1965: 837957-867929
1966: 867930-901404
1967: 901405-936194
1968: 936195-972874
1969: 972875-979561
1970-1972 : 979562 - 984328