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Manufactured in Allemagne from 2003 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 15449

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Leica MP


With a rangefinder particularly bright, comfortable and accurate with parallax correction, this camera has a battery powered cell for a semi-automatic operating mode. The available light is measured on a white area of 12 mm in diameter in the middle of the first curtain. Of course, it is possible to operate on entirely manual mode. Film loading is (traditionally) by the sole, but a flap allows to check the suitable attachment of the primer.

The shutter speeds range from the second to 1 / 1000th with Bulb and flash sync at 1 / 50th of a second.
Beyond these technical considerations, one can linger on the Leica strategy which, since 2003, offers this camera that is intended to be a "mechanical alternative to the M7" to meet the particularly demanding wishes of some photographers . The casing is light-alloy die-cast, and each production step is carefully controlled.


Since 2004, this model is proposed fully customized and order can be placed through the Webusing a configurator that offers a choice of options, either aesthetic or functional:

• Colorblack lacquered, black chrome, silver chrome
• type of rewind: as for the MP (classic button) or M7 (crank on a cuteasier and faster to use)
• Type of top coverSinple Leica mention and serial numberwithout engravingclassic (Leica Camera - Germany)
• control elements (lever, speeds selectorrewind crank): lacquered black or silver chrome
• leather finish on the bodydifferent colors and material or classic
• viewfinder magnification 0.58 more oriented short focal lengths - 0.72 universal use - 0.85 rather dedicated to standard and tele lenses
• collimated framing: 35/135, 50, 90 or 35/135, 50/70, 90 mm
• adding text or signature onto the viewfinder

(Bold options correspond to the presented model)



No need to say, some options are charged for.
A good camera, good lens, in this case, it is a Summilux M 1: 1.4 / 50mm aspherical with a minimum focus of 0.70m with Leica M mount. According to the manufacturer, this lens, the successor to the 1962 model offers exceptional performance at all apertures and for all focus distances .
So it's a nice body and lens assembly that professionals or wealthy amateur can afford unless you have the extraordinary stroke of luck to find it in a garage sale for some tens of euro (believe me it is possible, however, when I think, I tell myself that day I was really on a winning streak!).