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Manufactured in Allemagne from Circa 1939 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 1793

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Adox Adrette

Traduction de Manuel M

This camera was built by the Wirgin firm. The relationship with the Wirgin Edinex is particularly obvious.

This camera was proposed with a large variety of combinations of lens and shutters. The specimen presented is equipped with a Steinheil Cassar lens 3.5 of 50 mm and with Compur-Rapid to the 1/500 second.

It is a rather compact camera of entirely metal construction which appears very robust. The film is loaded in this camera by the sole in the manner of “Leica”. Part of the back rose is mounted on hinge (see photo) to help with the loading of film.
To use it, it is initially necessary to put the optical group in function by getting out it forward and by locking it with a light rotation towards the right.

The small cylinder beside the viewfinder was used for set up a rangefinder proposed in option.

Adox Adrette