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Huttig Record Universal Camera 303
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Manufactured or assembled in Germany from (After) 1897 to (Before) 1909.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 1975

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Chronology of cameras Huttig 

If we had  to give a qualifier to  the cameras being part of Huttig brand, it would be the word elegant; and this small 9 x 12cm folding plate camera is no exception to the rule, in a brilliant harmony of wood, metal and leather.

But the interest is not only from its appearance: It had other assets to satisfy the demanding photographer with a double shutter and the ability to multiply the focal length by two; not to mention the two viewfinders, the small spirit level and the horizontal and vertical shift.

The photographer can choose between two shutters:
At the front, on the lens block, a pneumatic central shutter providing 5 speeds from 1s to 1/100 s.and the B and T exposures;
At the rear, a focal plane shutter,: 5 slots from 90 to 5 mm wide can be selected, and three tensionings for the scroll spring, which gives 15 speeds available, plus a T exposure which allows also the use of the front central shutter.

Removing the front block the lens, a Goerz doppel anastigmat 120mm f4, 6, doubles the focal length to obtain 240 mm, two sliders and two distance scales allow for  adjusting focus for each lens.

This is a camera that has managed to combine the useful with the pleasant!

Huttig Record Universal Camera 303

Huttig Record Universal Camera 303

Huttig Record Universal Camera 303