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Manufactured in Allemagne from prior to 1923 until after 1932.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 21001

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Plaubel Makina I

Traduction de MM

Makina is the name of a series of medium-format cameras with bellows intended for the press, manufactured by Plaubel, German company founded in 1902.

The longevity of this series, begun in 1912, is rather remarkable since it lasted until the end of the Sixties. At the beginning of 70, Plaubel was repurchased by the Japanese company Kimio Doi, which, in a remelted form, continued the production of Makina (Makina 67) until the middle of the Eighties.

The ancestor of the series launched in 1912 was the Baby-Makina, format 4.5 x 6 cm. He had already the principal characteristics of his successors with his system of closing by scissors of “klapp” type; frontal lens plate, door and bellows being pushed back in the body of the camera. It was accompanied by the release of the StereoMakina ,format 45 x 107 mm.

The first 6 x 9 was Makina I in 1920, similar to the Baby Makina, with  Compur Dial Set shutter.

The specimen presented is the second Makina which is equipped with a Compur S (Rim Set).

The beast makes its weight: 800 G without magazine. The lens plate is painteswith a beautiful enamelled black finishing.

Focusing is carried out by a micrometric screw on the side which brings closer the scissors and moves the lens plate. This also moves a reference mark on a distance scale located inside the lens plate.

The camera received a film magazine which comprised a exposure counter. The orders of advance and rewinding were located on the magazine.

Makinas without rangefinder (thus series I) were all in black finish.

Thereafter were produced of Makina series II coupled rangefinder and lenses more easily interchangeables, then series III with the improvement of the synchro-flash. The finishing also passed from black to steel.

The concept of Klapp for the press inspired by other manufacturers such as Minolta with his Auto Press.

The name of Warra which is coupled with that of Plaubel as on publicity below, was that under which Wauckosin, a distributer, resold the cameras, and not only Plaubels.

Plaubel Makina I

Plaubel Makina I