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Comptoir Photographique du Pont de Fer L Aiguilleur
France Version française
Photos by - text by Sylvain Halgand. From the collection of -. Last update 2012-01-31 par Eric Borel.

Manufactured or assembled in France from (Before) 1898 to (After) 1898.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2113

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Chronology of cameras Comptoir Photographique du Pont de Fer 

Traduction de Manuel M

The Comptoir Photographique du Pont de Fer had as an address, 14 boulevard Poissonnière in Paris, which does not explain us the origin of the “Pont de Fer” (Note of the translator “Iron Bridge”in French). According to the presentations which one finds in the magazines and catalogues of the time (I speak to you about a period that less than 100 years cannot know*), the owner was called C. Conqueror. He is presented in the form of a manufacturer SGDG**. Its name explains probably the frequency with which the names as “Conqueror” comes back in its production.

For 12 plates (9 x 12) with lens “The Conqueror” series H. - Price: 85 francs.

New system patented for the retraction of the plates, by a switching (note: what informs us about the origin of the name of the camera***) which, take moving, drive out the first plate at the same time as it retains the next one. This system is most perfect by its simplicity, of an absolute safety, fool-proof, never of failures.
The building is well cared, its mechanic organs are quite higher for solidity and the precision than all that was done so far.
It will be very appreciated by tourists, wanting to be sure to bring back exposures worth to appear among the most beautiful collections.
Its rectilinear lens higher “The Conqueror” is already classified for a long time with the best brands.
The camera is covered in extra morocco, with handle and belt to carry it in shoulder-bag, 2 clear viewfinders, automatic exposure counter, release with the finger and the pear, diaphragms with iris, shutter with variable speeds with brake resistant to the changes of temperature.
Focusing adjusted rigorously since 2 meters until the infinite

(According to Annuaire général de la photographie of 1898. It is about a commercial presentation which resembles an extract of catalogue)

Comptoir Général de Photographie 1898

Notes of the translator:
* humoristic reference to a song “La Bohème” of the French singer Charles Aznavour, in which appears the first words of the lyrics: “I speak to you about a period that less than 20 years cannot know”
** I.e, Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement, French abbreviation of without guarantee of the government, instituted in 1844. It was in France a legal mention bringing out the French State of any responsibility on the effective good performance of the patented system. This mention is obsolete since 1968
*** Aiguillage = Switching, in french


Comptoir Photographique du Pont de Fer L Aiguilleur