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Manufactured in France from 1899 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2178

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Guillon Le Pygmée n°1

Traduction de Manuel M

(Photo-revue1899) We already announced certain models of cameras at excessively reduced prices, produced by the extreme simplification of manufacture as well as by the considerable number of units manufactured at the same time.

We must mention the two more recent models of camera of this kind, interesting because of the format of the exposures which they can get.

The Pygmée°1 gives a cliché 4.5 x 6; he makes the installation pose and the instantaneous.

The Pygmée n°2 is similar to the precedent; but it gives the format 6.5 x 9.

The Pygmée n°3 makes stereoscopic views 4 x 5 on plates 45 x 107.

Moreover, in consequence of a fortunate disposal, it can provide a positive print on glass, visible in the camera itself, without reversal or separation of the pictures. The camera is thus used for three different use: it produced the negative stereoscopic; it gives the transparent positive print; and finally it is used as stereoscope for the examination of this print.

Each camera is accompanied by an instruction, a package of plates, a small paper pocket and a bottle of developer.

Price of the Pygmée 4.5 x 6: 1.30 francs
Price of the Pygmée 6.5 x 9: 2.25 francs
Price of the stereoscopic Pygmée: 3.50 francs

In 1900, the manufacturer will also offer a stereo Pygmée 6 x 13, at the cost of 4 francs.

Note of the translator: pygmée = pygmy in french