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Manufactured in France from Circa 1899 until (After) 1902.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2181

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Comptoir Bonaparte Paulo-Lilliput

Traduction de Manuel M


The Paulo-Liliput is a hand view camera, but with minuscule dimensions, which constitutes one of the most interesting innovations of this season (the opposite figure represent a “Paulo with the third of its true size, format 6.5 x 9); built out of metal, it is however very light, and measures closed, including its magazine only 7 centimeters thickness.

The manufacturer make it usually it in three formats 6.5 x 9.9 x 12, and 7 x 15 (stereoscopic); he is provided with a lens of first choice, a very great luminosity and very finely; the shutter, of high performance, allows the best possible use of the light and consequently makes it possible the instantaneous by the most unfavourable weather; besides one adapts as well on the Paulo lenses Berthiot, Durogy, Zeiss, etc
The shutter, with variable speeds, also allows the pose, it works with pear or the hand; a ground glass makes it possible the focusing as with a stand camera ordinary; when one makes use of the Paulo like a hand view camera, a graduation makes it possible this focusing automatically, when one is at a distance from the main subject lower than the hyperfocal distance (variable with each lens).

The magazine of Paulo can at will contain glass plates or 18 flexible plates; the rigid films, that the manufacturers are now able to provide us under good conditions of price, conservation and quality, will be used with advantage.

Of a weak weight, of size much more reduced than the current cameras, Paulo puts itself easily in the pocket whatever its format; moreover, thanks to a very ingenious special device. it is enough to have a bag out of  flexible  skin, especially studied for this purpose, to be able to operate the loading and the instantaneous unloading of its magazine during even of an excursion.

In short, the Paulo is the ideal camera of the tourist, serious amateur photographer, wishing to bring back his voyages the greatest possible proportion of good clichés.

Price of the Paulo-Lilliput. with pellicular chassis magazine and lens extra-rapid Jarret in 6.5 x 9: 200 fr. in 9 x 12: 275 fr.

Comptoir Bonaparte Paulo-Lilliput