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Manufactured in France from Circa 1899 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2182

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Inconnue Le Débutant

Traduction de Manuel M

(Photo-Revue 1899)
It is a new model of camera at low prices; that it is welcome if it contributes to propagate the taste of photography and if he gives to those which will starting out with him , the desire to improve themselves, and to provide themselves with a less rudimentary camera.

The Débutant is a simple box out of wood covered with a perfect imitation of sheath-making. A front aperture drops the light on a lens forming the optical part of the camera; the luminous rays will form the image on a plate 4.5 x 6, which is placed at the focal point without the help of a chassis, and which can be changed into full daylight thanks a muff of loading.

The camera is appropriate especially for operations for the pose: portraits, groups, scenes, etc; however it is provided with a spring shutter which makes it possible the instantaneous in good light.
We saw prints of portraits obtained to 1 meter (chest), 2 meters (half-body) and 4 meters (in foot); they were likely to compete with those which could provide of the cameras of a price much higher.

The loading is done, as we said, via a muff, whose figure opposite indicates the directions for use. This operation must be made after each pose, it is made easy by the use of a box] with double bottom whose two opposite compartments contain, one of the plates to be exposed, the other of the exposes plates.
The two caps are furnished with surfaces which the touch is enough to differentiate, which makes it possible to undoubtedly operate and without special precautions.

Price of the Débutant 1.90 free 2.30
muff and double box. 2.50 - 2.90

Note of the translator: Débutant = Beginner in french

Inconnue Le Débutant