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Manufactured in France from 1897 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inconnue Sans-Pareille

Traduction de Manuel M

(Photo-Revue 1897)

Some amateurs reproached the manufacturers of the cameras known under the generic name of photo-jumelles to have made of them instruments - not too sophisticated, but too expensive, their price being inaccessible for a certain number of amateurs whose photographic budget is restricted.
A manufacturer tried to put at their level a camera of this kind, so light and portable, but of an excessively reduced price - and it succeeded. Under the name of “Sans-Pareille]”jumelle it created a model which, of course does not claim to compete with the good existing models, but which can made itself an excellent position at side, by addressing to an important category of amateurs. The Sans-Pareille jumelle can be given like the most reduced camera as volume and weight in 6.5 x 9 it weighs only 450 grams.
The magazine of retraction is replaced by metallic chassis of a new model, which simplify the operations of change of plates - each chassis is only 5 mm thickness and weighs , all loaded only 125 grams. The operations are reduced to raising the viewfinder, to put a chassis in the camera, to draw the part of the chassis, centring at the level of the eye the subject at photographing and to press the release of the shutter.
The jumelle Sans-Pareille can be placed on a foot to make portrait or group posed. It is thus a camera which offers great resources and serious advantages.
We are able to provide the Sans-Pareille jumelle at the cost of 30 francs, including two negative chassis and a frame with ground glass, the chassis taken in supplement are counted at price of 1 fr 50 each.