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Ica Plaskop (602)
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Manufactured or assembled in Germany from 1925 to 1926.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2342

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Traduction de Manuel M 

The production of this camera 6 x 13 started in 1925, a year before the absorption of ICA by Zeiss Ikon, which continued of it the manufacturing under the n° 603.

 It was a stereo camera of rather simple design, equipped with two lenses Ica Novar Anastigmat 6.8 of 75 mm (n° 801951 + 801952 on this specimen)

 The cocking is done by pushing the higher screw towards the right hand. That of bottom only regulates the diaphragm on three values: 6.8 - 12.5 - 25.

 Other versions did not have a central viewfinder, and were equipped only with simple achromatic lenses.

The specimen presented is incomplete because it misses the magazine which can contain several plates.


Ica Plaskop