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Photos by JPHB text by EC. From the collection of JPHB
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Manufactured in United Kingdom from 1946 until 1960.
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Inventory number: 2545

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Kodak Brownie Reflex

This is a "false-reflex" camera, a classic big box camera topped with a large mirror viewfinder, focus-free system. As for the Voigtlander Brillant, Fex Ultra Reflex and other Boumsell Longchamp .This gives a flattering aspect from the resemblance to a real TLR. It is still easier to use for targeting than a usual box camera.
The Brownie Reflex gives, despite its simplicity,  a feeling of good quality . The materials are of decent quality.
The version made in England is 5 years more recent than the US version (released in 1941). This is because of the manufacturing interruptions due to the war in Europe.
For this English version, the traditional encoding of the production year by CAMEROSITY letters where C = 1, A = 2, M = 3, etc. is replaced by the CUMBERLAND coding based on the same principle.