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Ricoh Ricoh Six
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Manufactured or assembled in Japan from (Circa) 1952 to 0.
Inventory number: 2595

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Chronology of cameras Ricoh 
History of the brand Ricoh New window

In 1953 the Six will be the last Ricoh 6x6 folding produced by Riken.
It looks like an Ikonta 521/16 which would have a modernized top.
Solid all metal construction, it is a simple device designed primarily to be sold in stores of American occupation troops.
The back has two alignment windows for pictures numbers, one for 6x6 dialing and one for 4.5x6 dialing , the viewfinder has two orange stripes on the sides that reduce the view, an optional frame has to be used to reduce the film's chamber format.
The Optics assigned by the Ricoh website to Fujita is a 3 lenses which is externally very similar to the optical of the pressed steel Ricohflex of the same period.
The shutter is certainly taken from the same Ricohflex.

Ricoh Ricoh Six