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Chronology of the Ricoh brand  New window

Manufactured in Taïwan from Circa 1956 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2612

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Ricoh Ricohflex Model T

The Ricohflex Model T really looks like a hybrid model.
It is very close to the Ricohflex Holiday with a drawing scales, controls and plate of the shutter of the same inspiration, but the focusing hood is the one from the Model VI, released several years before.
The scale of exposure time adopted a growth from 1/30ième to 1/125ième and the distance scale is in meters and feet.
The accessory shoe, missing the contact sync, is different from that of the others pressed steel Ricohflex.
So why Model T ?
The answer could come from the base of the unit: Made In Taiwan.
It seems to be a special manufacturing of Taiwan for its domestic market, its similarity to the Holiday Ricohflex, could date it from 1956.

Ricoh Ricohflex Model T