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Manufactured in Taïwan from Circa 1987 until 0.
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Inventory number: 2791

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Yoshita MF-A7000F

In some parts of the world Yoshita is a girls name so we shall studiously avoid any tasteless jokes. 
The Yashica 230AF and the Minolta AF5000 were both released in 1987, so we can be sure this was made after that date; the lens number 1987-61 may be significant. The maker is uncertain, and it seems unlikely that anyone will confess now.

 It has been suggested that it might have been made by the Skina Optical Company based on the common lens number 198761, but this may not be reliable. By 1987 there were a number of companies making cheap cameras in Taiwan, as promotional items and fairground prizes. Many were also sold by mail order in magazines and on television in the USA by unscrupulous (American) companies.

This one  has the unusual ability to mount a second flash unit on the hot shoe; the two can then be fired simultaneously. The lens has focal length of about 42mm (not 50mm) and is covered by a clear glass 'filter'. The film plane is curved. The iris apertures are square and continuous; they seem reasonably accurate. There were identical cameras branded Yoshita ECX-35AF and Fukai WR7.  It is quite well made. Does it take good pictures? Who cares!