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Manufactured in Japon from 1993 until 0.
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Olympus IS-3000

Traduction Patrick Marot.

See instructions on Sylvain Halgand’s notice IS10 which presents the genesis of the series of IS.

Released in 1993, IS 3000, is the most advanced model in the series which includes 9 models not including trade names differentiated by target market: IS 10 (IS 100) in 1994, IS 21 in 2000, IS 200 (IS 20) in 1997, IS 300 (IS 30) in 1999, IS 1000 (IS 1) in 1990, IS 2000 (IS 2) in 1992, IS 3000 (IS 3) in 1993 and the Centurion (APS).

With the release of IS, Olympus finally abandoned the SLR interchangeable lens (OM series). Olympus will return for its production of digital cameras.

All models in the series were equipped with a folding electronic flash equipped with a red-eye reduction. Some models can be equipped with additional electronic flash more powerful and very sophisticated. Optical supplements were also available depending on the model.

The IS 3000 has a zoom 35 ~ 180 mm with aspherical lens elements. Supplements allow it to go down to 28 mm and up to 300 mm.