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Manufactured in ex-URSS from 1979 until 1986.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 3024

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Gomz Almaz 103

Алмаз means diamond.

Sometimes called the Russian F2, the Almaz nevertheless uses the Pentax K bayonet
It seems that Gomz did not have permission to use the AI mount .

There were several versions, from 101 to 104, but the only one that has been produced in relatively high series was the 103 .
The prototype 101 aside, the main differences between the 102 , 103 and 104 appear to be the prisms with cell for 102 and 104 and the simple prism for the 103 .
The Almaz 103 is a fully manual camera .

The camera , massive, is with interchangeable prism and ground glass. The shutter is metal curtain of the vertical scrolling type , but time minimum shutter exposure of 1 /1000 second and flash sync at 1/60 remain modest.
As for the F2, the accessory shoe is removable and is attached on the rewind crank , by cons, unlike the Nikon, flash sync requires plugging a cord into one of the the coaxial jacks.

Although the device bears the logo Lomo under the cocking lever , we are still far from the "Lomography "