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Photos by - text by Eric Borel. From the collection of AL
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Manufactured in Chine from prior to 1971 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 4024

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Light Industrial Products Seagull DF

The Seagull Reflex DF (No. 2854173) appears to be a Chinese copy of the Japanese SLR Minolta SR-3. The question about the authorization of this copy remains.
The bayonet of this camera is Minolta type, which does not allow more to resolve the matter.
It is quite possible that the Japanese from Minolta have sold to China the machinery and assembly lines that became obsolete in the world market, but quite capable of meeting the needs of the domestic Chinese market. When these cameras have been proposed in the French market, they  competed more with the productions from East Germany than with with the beautiful Japanese Hi-Tech productions.


Later on , Light Industrial Products, after having shown its skills, did manufacture Minolta cameras under license, and even Minolta gave the total production of some of its models.
For the X synchronization, there is a notch between 30 and 60 which should correspond approximately to 1:50 sec. The speed button also includes a reminder of the sensitivity of the film, from 9 to 36 DIN. The depth of field test is done by a small lever located on the lens itself, and not on the case.


Opening the back is not obvious: under the base, move the small cursor in the direction of the arrow and press it, which is neither obvious nor easy. The axis of the hinge is designed to be easily removed (That's how I was able to open it the first time ...) which means that it was intended for interchangeable backs.
It was also scheduled to be motorized as evidenced by the presence of the split button under the base that is coupled with the winding shaft.

Light Industrial Products Seagull DF