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Manufactured in Japon from 1957 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 4090

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Minolta A-2

Difficult to know how many different versions of  the 'A-2' have been released ... The essential differences are noticeable at the level of the lens (at first glance two possibilities: 3.5 / 45 or 2.8 / 45), and shutters (Citizen MXV, Citizen MV, Optiper MV, Optiper MVL ... depending on the sources!).

 This one here has a Optiper MVL shutter at 1/500, faster thus than that of this other specimen. The lens is also a 2.8 / 45, but it has, in addition to the conventional values ??of aperture and diaphragm, a scale in LV (Light Value) that is found on several devices of the brand at the time (1957).

 The Minolta Bible, I mean "Histoire de l'Appareil Photographique Minolta de 1929 à 1985" de Dominique et Jean-Paul Francesch (ISBN 2-249-27685-4) by Dominique and Jean-Paul Francesch (ISBN 2-249-27685-4) speaks only of two variants of the 'A-2 ', corresponding to the two lens aperture possibilities, both equipped with a Citizen MXV shutter at 1/400. A third camera is however quoted, equipped with a Citizen MVL, but called in this book 'A-2L', a name which one finds nowhere, and which one should not be confused with the 'A-2LT 'that really exists! But besides the tiny difference between the names of the shutters (Citizen MVL for the 'A-2L' against Optiper MVL here), the 'A-2L' should have in addition an interchangeable lens that does not seem to possess the copy here on this page.

 So let's consider that we have here a "lambda" variant of Minolta 'A-2' and let the taxonomy questions be dealt with by someone who is particularly well documented! We will not fail to keep our readers informed of progress in this direction.