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Photos by JB text by JB. From the collection of JB
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Chronology of the Houghton brand  New window

Manufactured in Grande-Bretagne from Circa 1933 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 4107

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Houghton Ensign Selfix 20

This is a variation of the Ensign Selfix 20

 Main technical differences are as follows:

• 100 mm instead of 105 mm,
• Apertures from 4.5 to 32 instead of from 7.7 to 32,
The presence of a depth of field table at the rear,
• Finally, the decoration of the lens ring is not the same.

Most of Selfix 20 models are dual format. This is probably also the case with this one because it has a dual views counter windows. However, it does not contain the cache for this purpose.
These models have some interesting points:

• Fixed viewfinder on the side is not adjustable, but it has a hinged cover at the front for a portrait or landscape framing,
• Top handle, sturdy, folds and unfolds easily,
• A finger grip on the side facilitates opening of the back,
• One of the axes of the spool is mounted on a swivel cheek (and patented) making the film positioning  very fast,
• The positioning of the aperture front adjustment next to the speeds is convenient,
• Elegant mask on the views counter window can remind if the film is exposed or not. It is also patented

The nameplate under the lens is in the Art Nouveau style.