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Chronology of the Light Industrial Products brand  New window

Manufactured in Chine from Circa 1963 until after 1977.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 5059

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Light Industrial Products Seagull 203

The Seagull 203 is a format 6x6 / 4.5x6 cm folding, classic, well made and quite easy to use.
The rangefinder image is bright and provides easy focus even in dim light. A toothed ring located behind the shutter allows to adjust the focus with the index finger of the left hand.
The aperture adjustment has a metal blade, also located right under the left index finger, which allows to chose the exposure time to couple the two exposure settings with an indication of the corresponding EV.
The collimated frames viewfinder includes highly visible vertical landmarks for the format 4.5 x 6 but the limitations of the 6 x 6 format are less obvious and wearing spectacles prevents from seeing the entire frame.
Format selection is done before the loading of the film; a pivoting flap on each side of the chamber allows, if needed, to limit the window size to 6 x 4.5 cm.
At left of the top cover, the film sensitivity reminder also serves as a display table in IL.
The bed, when opened serves as a stand to install the camera horizontally.