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Manufactured in Corée from 1997 until 2002.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 6710

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Samsung SR 4000

The Samsung SR4000 is Samsung's only foray into the field of interchangeable lens SLRs.
For the occasion Samsung had developed its own mount very inspired by the Minolta AF mount (however incompatible), but had put aside the autofocus.

The camera had some success in Korea under the name Samsung Kenox GX-1 and less outside the peninsula under the name SR4000.
As often with Samsung the lineage has been short because there has been no continuation.

The SR4000 is a comprehensive and nice to use camera with its selecting wheels.
The left wheel allows to choose between result modes (portrait, landscape, macro, action), a full automatic green mode, a program mode with possible adjustment of the aperture or exposure time (Ps), an aperture priority mode (Av), a time priority mode (Tv) and a manual mode (M).
It is also the mean to set the film speed and the sound signals activation.
The wheel on the right front allows to adjust the exposure time and the one at the back the aperture. These two wheels allow indifferently to adjust the other parameters.
The camera has a 2 and 10 seconds self-timer but the 2 seconds self-timer does not have the mirror raising function.
On the left in the viewfinder a yellow backlit LCD displays from top to bottom: the risk of shake (calculated according to the focal length and the exposure time), the exposure time, the reminder for exposure correction, the aperture and finally the integrated flash activation.
The display flashes in case of over or under exposure.
Center weighted metering is the default but metering can be switched to spot metering for M, AV, Tv and Ps modes.
Exposure braketing can be operated on 3 shots spaced from one-half to two EVs in steps of one-half. The interval timer is adjustable from ten seconds to one hour with two to thirty-nine frames. Multiple exposures is possible up to nine views.
Finally a button on the back allows exposure memorisation.

The camera is equipped with a date back.

Only three lenses were available, the 28-70 mm presented here, a 70-210 mm f1:4-5.6 and a 50 mm f1:1.4 which could be labeled Schneider - Kreuznach Xenon 50mm 1:1.4

A version with a silver top cover exists.