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Goerz Anschutz Klappkamera (mod. 1) favori envoyer Print
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Manufactured in Allemagne from 1896 until Circa 1921.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 7480

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Goerz Anschutz Klappkamera
Goerz Anschutz (Model 1) 4 x 5''

The Goerz Anschutz (Model 1) was a strut folding camera made from 1896 to 1921, and one of the most successful press cameras of the period. This particular camera is designed for 4 x 5’’ plates and has the typical logo of Goerz patent Anschutz at the top, and the logo of London Stereoscopic Co. at the front. The name London Stereoscopic Co. was revived from 1912 to 1922, when it was dissolved, and thus the camera seems to be a late Anschutz model 1. The film cartridge is for Eastman Kodak rollfilm No. 104 (for 4 x 5’’ cameras and frames of 3 ¾ x 4 ¾ ‘’), travelling vertically. The Kodak rollfilm cartridge matches the camera and also has the logo of London Stereoscopic Co. The viewfinder at the top is non-optical.

The focal plane shutter, non self-capped, has controls for slit width and spring tension. The slit width is operated on the inside directly on the shutter curtain, by adjusting the slot with the small slide, which shifts along the curtain. The spring tension is operated on the wheel on the lower right side of the camera with a scale from 1 to 10. The combinations deliver speeds in the range 1/25 to 1/1000 seconds, as shown in the table on the instructions’ leaflet. For time exposures, while cocking the shutter the small button on the left side of the camera must be pressed, and the duration of the exposure is controlled by removing and refixing the lens cap.

The lens is a C.P. Goerz Berlin Doppel-Anastigmat Series III/6 with 120 mm of focal length and 6.8 of maximum aperture.

Goerz Anschutz Klappkamera
Fitted Eastman Kodak cartridge for rollfilm No. 104