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Manufactured in Germany (ex-RDA) from 1960 until Circa 1965.
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Pentacon Prakti

VEB Kamera und Kinowerke was one of several small companies which merged to form Pentacon in 1964. In normal use the exposure is fully automatic, but there are a number of  'modes' which determine shutter speed and focus. These are selected by rotating the lens barrel, and a red line moves across the symbols on top of the camera to show the mode in use. The symbols, in a strange Modernist script are: 'B', flash, head and shoulders, small groups, scenery, and sports motion. 

There were at least two versions of this camera, the other has black body trim and silver trim around the viewfinder and cell windows. The motor film advance was many years ahead of its time, but a shoe for a flash would have been useful. The shutter release is under the left hand (shock!, horror!) The level of automation and the 40 mm lens is similar in concept to the Konica "L" released the following year, but the Konica was very much smaller and lighter, and had a shoe for flash.







Pentacon Prakti