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Suter Detective
France Version française
Photos by CR text by CR. From the collection of CR. Last update 2020-11-12 par Michel Rochevalier.

Manufactured or assembled in Swiss from (Circa) 1901 to (After) 1901.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 9906

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Chronology of cameras Suter 

This Camera doesn't mention any mark and it's by its lens that we may thought of a Suter Camera : an Anastigmat "Serie I N° I" 135 mm of Basel (Switzerland), Nr 22001. In addition the metallic Fittings are also identical to those of other Devices of the Brand. It could correspond to the " Detective magazine camera Model B" described in the McKeown's with its Push-Pull magazine on the back (rather than this stunning magazine on the side of the Model A).

In fact, this camera looks like the "Detective E. Suter, model 1899" described in an ad of the French magazine "La Vie Française" (quoted in the article on Emil Suter in " Prestige de la Photographie", Nr 4, p. 79).The main differences are that this Model presented in this advertisement miss its Push-Pull magazine on its back and the front plate doesn't have the same arrangement of the control settings.

Did Emil Suter's company made its own cameras or did this firm subcontracted its products and only added its own lenses to them ?

More improved than the other Detective cameras of this period, its frontplate is fitted with a horizontal shift (but not a vertical shift). The whole Front Plate with the lens can be move back and forth allowing adjustment of distance. One of the metallic fitting is graduated from "2" to "8 horiz." that could be a focus from 2 m. to infinity, "horizon" standing for 8 m.and beyond. The push-pull magazine on the back allowed a convenient way for charging the next plates. It got a counter for counting the used plates. On this very example presented here, the push-pull magazine is no more operational and it's very fragil, the wood having broken to repetitive movements. This heavy Detective Camera (1829 g. i.e. more than 4 lb.) is fitted with a shift viewfinder, with two bubble levels (always functional) and with two tripod mounts.

Suter Detective