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Manufactured in Germany from 1953 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 10048

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Metz Mecaflex

Traduction de D. Fromm.

The Mecaflex is a single lens reflex made of cast aluminum with an extremely sober design.  The top cover, when closed, completely hides the finder, rewind button and film advance lever.

The lens is interchangeable and uses a breech-lock mount similar to that of the Robot:  it is the lens mounting ring on the body which turns, the lens remains fixed.  Two kinds of shutter were used:  Prontor and Prontor Reflex, the latter with speeds from 1 s to 1/300 s, plus B.  The lenses were initially Kilfit Kilars, 35/3.5 or 35/2.8, then Benoist Berthoit when the camera was made in the Principality [Monaco].  Two telephoto lenses were also available:  75/4 and 105/4 Tele-Kilar.  The finder is of the style “I am humble before my subject” [waist-level], but a little slot in the top cover allowing a sport finder to be used.  The ground glass has a Dodin type focusing aid [crossed prisms].  An eye-level prism finder is also available.

This camera’s design is attributed to Heinz Kilfitt, in addition designer of the first Robot (camera, not mechanical man).  It was initially produced by the German firm Metz Apparatefabrik in Furth in 1953, then by S.E.R.O.A., in Monaco, until 1958.  Manufacture of lenses stayed with Kilfitt, located in Liectenstein.

The Mecaflex uses 35 mm film, shoots 24 mm x 24 mm letting it take 50 shots with a single roll of film.  Only 1800 cameras were made in German.  None were exported to the US.

Dimensions with lens mounted:  103 x 67 x 70 mm.  This little camera weighs, all the same, 700 g,

Metz Mecaflex

Metz Mecaflex

Metz Mecaflex