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Manufactured in France from () 1917 until () 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Cornu Ontoscope 45 X 107

Traduction de Manuel M

Marked in fronting Patented S.G.D.G. Back for film 127 with the acronym with the two interlaced retorts and N° 490. (The principle of numbering the magazine rather than the body itself comes from in Richard, but on the Verascope, N° of the magazine is put back with the pencil or with the tip on the darkroom.)
Device of focusing and vertical off-centring.
The eyepiece of the viewfinder is typically “Ontoscope” and either “Verascope” (revolving and not folding)
Lenses Berthiot Stellor F: 4.5 N° 61 594 and 61 596. Diaphragms 4.5 8 16 out of two blades ordered by two buttons.
Speeds I and P with intermediate on a button, and a Slow/Fast cursor to tighten an internal spring.

View of the back with film 127. The form of the button of embobinage points out the form of the handle of the drawer of the Verascope. The lever makes it possible to release film for advance and to press it for the exposure.

Cornu Ontoscope 45 X 107

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