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Manufactured in Germany from 1896 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 10978

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Goerz Anschutz Klappkamera

Traduction de P-Y Petit.

Carl Paul Goerz started manufacturing cameras in 1888. This very same year, photographer Ottomar Anschütz filed a patent for a focal plane shutter which speed depends on the roller blind interspace. The encounter of the two men led to an active cooperation as soon as 1890 and until O. Anschütz’s death in 1907. Cameras born of this cooperation always bore the name of “Ottomar Anschütz”, followed by “Lissa (Posen)” printed in red on the shutter curtains.

During the 1920s, the firm CP Goerz is thriving and has up to 3,000 employees. Three years after its founder death, CP Goerz is one of the companies that joined the Zeiss Ikon venture in 1926.
The Goerz Anschütz model 1 is a “klapp” or strut folding camera. It was launched in 1896.

The model presented below is a 13x18cm (this format not mentioned in Mc Keown’s, page 354/355). It was used at the turn of the century as a press camera. Reporters were interested in its lightweight, its speed (shutter fires up to 1/1000th) and the excellent Goerz lenses.

This camera has CP Goerz Berlin, Doppel Anastigmat DRP series III/2 F=180mm with a largest aperture of f4.6 and a smallest of… f384 (!). Focusing is possible as close as 2m. And, as it is often the case on this type of camera, there are tilt and shift capabilities.

Goerz Anschutz Klappkamera